About Us

Reverb; the fusion of your passion for both music and ice hockey. 

The antithesis of the norm in sports merchandise, we set about to create a brand that tapped into the symbiotic links between great music and the sport we love.

Whether it's an anthemic rock tune, edgy metal track, a pulsating dance jam, or even some sing-a-long cheese, music and ice hockey go together hand-in-hand and we have tried to capture that essence in a range of garments that are as good to wear to the pub as they are to the game or a gig.

We want you to stand out from the norm wearing something that gets people talking and we believe when you're wearing Reverb, you will hear "where did you get that? I want one".

The alternative brand for the hockey community.

Headline attire for the music loving hockey fan.
Welcome to Reverb.

Reverb Hockey