Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I like a design, but it isn't available on the garment I like?

A. At Reverb we pride ourselves on our unique designs, and there are a lot of them! As such we cannot display all of the designs on all of the garments. That said, if you'd like something specific on any of our garments it is possible! Just get in touch with us at or fill in the contact us box and we'll do our best to get you the garment and design you'd like

Q. How do I wash, dry and iron my garment?

A. We have concentrated in providing many different garments to what you'd normally associate with an Ice Hockey clothing brand and as such the garment care instructions vary widely! All garments contain care instruction labels so please check these out before laundering

Q. What is the delivery time and how much does it cost?

A. Our standard delivery time is 7 working days, but please do allow up to 28 days for delivery. The cost for delivery is FREE for orders over £50 and £3.99 for orders under £50. If you have some specific delivery requirements or you're in a real rush for something please get in contact and we'll endeavor to do our best for you

 Q. I made a purchase for over £50 but I forgot an item, can I get free delivery on this item?

A. We will always do our best to look after and reward loyal customers, but our free delivery only applies to single transactions that exceed £50. That said, for loyal customers will will provide regular incentives and discounts, particularly on new lines, so there will be savings to be made if you buy from us regularly.

Q. I'm an artist and would like to design for Reverb, how can I do this?

A. We would love to feature brilliant designs from across the hockey community. If you think you have a talent for design, send us an example to We promise to get back in touch and if we love your work, you could find your design featured on Reverb garments and be paid for any sales featuring your designs!

Q. You don't have my size featured on the website. Can you get it?

A. We try and feature the widest range of sizes possible on, but of course we understand we may have gaps that don't accommodate everyone. If you can't find your size, please email and we'll see if we can get this, or an equivalent garment for you.

Q. What is your size guide?

A. Our sizing does vary slightly between different garments, but as a guide, unless specified otherwise;

Ladies-fit garments

S - 6/8 or 30/32 chest
M - 10/12 or 32/34 chest
L/XL - 14/16 or 34/36 chest
XXL - 18/20 or 36/38 chest

In other garments

XS - 31/34 chest
S - 34/37 chest
M - 38/41 chest
L - 42/45 chest
XL - 46/49 chest
XXL - 50/53 chest

If you have any other questions regarding sizing, please contact us at and we'll do our best to help.